Our Flour Mill

Al Nubras Flour Mills are one of the major wheat flour producer and exporter company in Egypt.

 Our brands are a symbol of quality flour in many countries beside our local market. Al Nubras Flour Mills is exporting more than % 50 of our production to Middle East and African countries.

 Our main aim is to serve our domestic and international customers by supplying their desired wheat flour consistently, which is also clearly stated under Quality Statement. Stability of our flour quality is provided by continuous quality control, by our experienced staff and by accumulated know how throughout years.

 We welcome any comments, recommendations, questions and orders regarding with our flours.

Al Nubras Flour Mills was founded in 10th of Ramadan industrial city, Egypt, by Mr. Mahmoud Bahaya and his sons in 2012, to produce wheat flour for bakery and industrial purpose.


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